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Junior care program

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Dr. Berik Oraziman

Experience:21 year Orthopedic Surgeon: Pediatric surgery, traumatology-orthopedics. Treatment of orthopedic pathology of children and adults: flat feet, valgus, rotation, scoliosis, lordosis, arthrosis (coxarthrosis, panarthrosis), conducts small surgical...

Dr. Nagima Muradova

Experience: 16 years Dentist-orthodontist Therapeutic dentistry, orthodontics

Dr. Sholpan Azhibekova

Experience: 25 years Chief Medical Officer/PediatricianSpecialization: Pediatrician

Dr. Svetlana Kabanova

Experience of work: 18 years Doctor-neurologist: Neurology. Diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the nervous system in children, has a technique for conducting electro-encephalography in children.

Dr. Tancarova Roza

Experience: 10 years Neurologist Neurosurgeon Specialization: Сhildren's neurosurgery, neonatal neurosurgery neurology.   


Pediatrics (eng)

Child's health is the most valuable treasure that parents have.

Child care program (eng)

With the birth of a child, the life of young parents is changing beyond recognition, and first of...

Stomatology (eng)

For comfortable dental treatment of small patients, we use innovative sedation technology with the use...

Neurology (eng)

The main part of neurological problems occurs even in the period of fetal development and...

Otolaryngology (eng)

Every child should breathe deeply and enjoy the wonderful course of life.

Endocrinology (eng)

Endocrinology - diagnosis and treatment of diseases associated with impaired hormone production,...

Dermatology (eng)

A dermatologist is a specialist who deals with skin problems and their appendages, such as mucous...

Surgery / Orthopedics (eng)

A pediatric surgeon diagnoses the damage, if necessary, provides emergency medical attention or...

Diagnostics (eng)

Orthopantomography with the device Gendex - a device with a low level of radiation, you can take...

Сheck up programs (eng)

In our clinic, preventive check-up programs are based on a comprehensive diagnosis where all...

How the consultation condutcs' in our clinic (eng)

Mass Media about us (ENG)

Caring for children (eng)

Villa Kids Clinic is a place where a child will not notice a hospital atmosphere ...

The most valuable treasure is the health of the child (eng)

Program for the patronage of children "Healthy child" .

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